About Twinkle Chemi Lab

This business of manufacturing Fine & Speciality Chemicals started in the year 1985 under the leadership of Dr. Nitin L. Chonkar, who is M.Sc. Ph.D. in Chemistry from Bombay University. He is Managing Director of the company, completed 34 years of dedication to manufacturing of quality chemicals, services and growth.

Twinkle Chemi Lab Pvt. Ltd. expanded the activities by adding more & more facilities & products, developed by it's own R & D, thus satisfying the need of it's valued customers during this period.

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Why Us

Since 1985, we have come a long way and have established a name in the chemical industry. Our quality and consistency as a reliable source of supply is the key differentiator between us and the others, hence we are fully conscious that at any costs we have to maintain our credibility. We aim to satisfy the needs of our valued customers through our best quality products.

Twinkle Chemilab applied for the ISO 9001:2015 and cGMP Certifications, which has been approved, thus adding achievements to the the team's hard work and success.




Years of Experience





Our well-equipped analytical testing laboratory monitor quality at every stage, from the receipt of raw material to in-process stages and to finished products, ensuring total product & quality stability. However, our responsibility to our customers does not end with quality checks. To us 'Quality' is a dynamic concept. The search for better quality products, more rigorous quality checks and even better raw-materials is always on, because we aspire to give our customers better than the best. From our strong foundation we inherit a culture that puts quality & reliability above everything. All our products confirm to various pharmacopoeias, the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), ISI and our own stringent specifications. Keeping us ahead in the race for superior quality is our superior process strength and the intensive in-house R & D activity. We are working for continuous process improvement and new product development, which ensures that superior quality products reach our customers.


We have successfully developed new Products as per Customer Synthesis. We manufacture series of Fine Chemicals used in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food, Oil, Rubber, Plastic, Paint and Resin Industries.

Our plant has the capability to perform the following processes :

  • Alkylation
  • Oxidation
  • Reduction
  • Estrification
  • Methylation
  • Ethylation
  • Diazotization
  • Hydrolysis
  • High Vacuum - High Temperature Distillations


Twinkle Chemi Lab Pvt. Ltd. started manufacturing activity in the year 1985 and today it is one of the leading company specialising in the production of Speciality Chemicals for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food, Oil, Rubber, Plastic, Paint and Resin Industries.


We are situated at Badlapur in Thane District, 60 Km. from Mumbai in Government Industrial area in approved chemical zone having adequate facilities like Water, Electricity and Common Effluent Treatment Plant, taking care of industrial waste and pollution, maintaining environment safety. To be in such industrial area is an added advantage than non-Government.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve a climate of confidence & reliability by maintaining consistency in quality and prompt delivery. Being our business philosophy we are more interested in long-term co-operation than in short term gain. We believe in business relationship based on a solid foundation of mutual trust.

Our Vision

With an eye on future, very shortly we are launching few new products. We sincerely welcome joint ventures, buyback arrangements or exclusive manufacturing tie up with our valuable clients.